Our story


At Julius Vodka, our mission is to craft an unparalleled experience of refinement and authenticity through our exceptional vodka creation. With a dedication to quality and innovation, we strive to elevate the spirits of individuals and gatherings alike. Rooted in tradition yet driven by modern inspiration, we aim to become a symbol of excellence in the world of spirits, fostering connections and moments of celebration that transcend boundaries. By meticulously selecting the finest ingredients, employing time-honored techniques, and infusing each bottle with our passion, we are committed to delivering a taste of distinction that embodies the spirit of Julius Vodka.


Tasting Notes

Brilliant clarity with a slight sweetness and smooth palette. Ideal for martinis dirty or dry. Very low ethanol on the nose, medium bodied with a pleasant finish.

6 times distilled and enhanced using the proprietary C.R.A.F.T. system

Corn based

80 Proof


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